Butler training in Germany

Butler training in Germany

If you are looking for the best institute for your butler training in Germany, the Edumondi Butler Academy is the place where your wish can come true. During the course, you will be introduced to many different activities that are part of the everyday life of a butler or butleresse. You can be sure to receive the most comprehensive training in this field.

A special feature of this training is the option to shorten and extend the training period individually. So you decide when you have learned enough.

Everything from a single source - all inclusive

In the Butler Academy the knowledge for the aspiring butler and butleresse is bundled. You need this specialist knowledge and skills so that you are best equipped for your later assignments. In addition to the extensive theoretical part, we place particular emphasis on practical training. We take you on excursions and trips to the places where you will later work.

In addition to visiting wine cellars, elegant restaurants and luxury hotels, you will also get to know traditional craftsmanship and manufactories during the butler training in Germany. These include, for example, a tailor's shop, a shoemaker, a roastery, a goldsmith and many other interesting stations from the everyday life of a butler. This will give you an insider's view, which will tell you a lot about the world of the rich and famous and the rules of the game that prevail in this world during your training in Germany. Interesting training locations with famous names await you - let yourself be surprised!

Butler training in Germany

Edumondi - the German Butler Academy:
A name with a good sound

Participants in the courses for butler training in Germany come from all over the world to learn together near Hamburg. The German Butler Academy has made a very good name for itself since the beginning of its existence and is considered a leader in this field. This is the most comprehensive training that brings together knowledge from many individual areas, such as housekeeping, etiquette, food and beverage handling, in a compact form.

Everything is included in the butler training in Germany - there are no hidden extra costs other than those for the Courses specified: Accommodation, meals, transport costs, excursions and even a three-piece butler uniform as well as various utensils that you will need for your future job. This makes butler training in Germany a truly appealing and transparent option.


Exciting training locations - get to know new worlds!

The renowned butler training in Germany accompanies your students on their way to becoming butlers and butleresses. on their way to becoming butlers and butleresses and carefully introduces them to their later areas of responsibility.

The majority of the graduates of the German Butler Academy report that they found the leap into practice very pleasant and that their fears and worries were taken away. Inthis way, the participants grow into this world, which isoften completely new to them, as a matter of course. The Most comprehensive training in the field of butler training and the resulting high standard means that graduates of the academy are in great demand on the job market. So by taking part in a course, you are choosing a path that promises success.

Each to his own pace

A plus of the academy are the individual study conditions. There is both the option to shorten and extend the duration of study. In addition, Edumondi offers the opportunity to complete an internship at the Butler Academy afterwards.

In practice, it has been proven that students learn at different speeds. The pressure is thus taken off and individual solutions become possible. Everything is included: This is another way in which the academy stands out. Hidden, unexpected costs, modules that have to be paid extra - there is no such thing here. the training locations are carefully selected and also chosen according to the premise that the students should be offered a lot of variety and a colourful programme. So the training can be an exciting journey through the world of the rich!

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