how to clean and care for chandeliers

Maintain chandelier

Chandeliers enhance any room immensely with their sparkling glass elements. To maintain this effect, regular cleaning is indispensable. To prevent this from becoming a Sisyphean task, we have put together some practical advice for you.

Caution is advised!

The hanging of a crystal chandelier is highly sensitive. If handled carelessly, an element can easily fall and break. Therefore, caution should always be exercised and any form of cleaning should be done with extreme care. Do not get the idea of removing the crystals and cleaning them in the dishwasher!
Something will quickly break during such actions and the cleaner is far too aggressive. As with
high-quality wine glasses, the shine would quickly be gone.

Before wet cleaning, please be sure to switch off the power beforehand and also leave it off until everything has dried thoroughly. You will not be able to do without a ladder for in-depth cleaning. Stools or chairs quickly turn out to be dangerous. If you are not completely free from giddiness at heights, you should rather use a professional
cleaning service.

The dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is relatively easy and should be carried out every few weeks so that dust does not have a chance to settle permanently. Compressed air sprays are often harmful to the environment and not very suitable for large chandeliers. If you have a hoover that allows you to reverse the air flow, the coarsest dust can be easily removed. The most thorough way to clean is with a classic feather duster or
a large brush like the one used for make-up. Be careful not to get caught and tear off glass elements.

Where do the terms etiquette and etiquette come from?

The wet cleaning

If you want to keep a chandelier sparkling clean, you will not be able to avoid a thorough wet cleaning once a year. Clear the floor underneath the chandelier and cover it with a suitable sheet so that the cleaning agent that inevitably drips down does not damage the floor covering.

There is a whole range of expensive special cleaners available on the market, very few of which are any good. Commercially available glass cleaners are much cheaper and work just as well. You can easily make an old home remedy yourself by adding a cup of vinegar and a squirt of liquid detergent or hair shampoo to five litres of water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray the hangings from all sides. Particularly
stubborn dirt can be removed with a microfibre cloth.

What happens to the metal?

Most chandeliers have a brass, silver or chrome-plated metal column. If they are tarnished, you can clean them with special cloths. Remember, however, that patina on a high-quality old chandelier is part of the dignified ageing of your antique.

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