German butler academy

German butler academy

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Butler Academy 2021



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A head start in life - the German butler academy

Modern schools may be well equipped as to labs and computers and may provide quite a good start in life on a scientific and intellectual level. But, as more and more possible employers observe, young people somehow seem to lack in manners, a sense of how to behave properly and adequately. This lack may turn out to be quite an obstacle in professional life, since almost all jobs require a certain degree of empathy, of being able to choose the right tone in the right situation. But who is going to teach the kids manners, if schools are no longer the place for this
Good, pleasant manners – a mix of different aspects
In former times, good manners were defined in a very clear and strict code. a lot has changed in recent times, and kids or young people are not longer required to behave like little monkeys – which is basically a good thing. But, instead, the requirements have become more subtle and refer mostly to what one may call emotional intelligence, knowing what the other person may need. This is not easy to define and equally hard to teach, but it is possible. If young people are about to enter professional life, a good portion of boosting the emotional side is what helps them in life.

Empathy, but also finding the right tone
In the German butler academy people are taught to watch out – to feel themselves into a given situation. There are a number of measures and tricks that can be learnt and applied in a number of situations. Being an attentive person is one goal, but also being able to find the right tone, the right word in a situation provides a head start in life, for sure. Telling a more informal from a more formal occasion is basically easy, but having the right tone for each of these in your pocket is quite another. 
A playful training with a serious goal
Good jobs that promise a proper career are rare and a lot of people rush to get them. Academic degrees of course count if one wants to find a job that promises a future, but providing of pleasant manners in such important situations as job interviews the start of a career or vis a vis future clients and business partners distinguishes one group – the solely intellectual achievers – from the others – the allrounders who fit into each situation. So, for parents there should not be a doubt as to the category they would like their children to belong to


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